Thursday, 31 July 2014


Woohoo! We made it to the end of the month! It's the last day of the Pattern Parade today and I've loved seeing all the beautiful creations from Make It Perfect patterns. Laura from Behind the Hedgerow joins us for the last day. Laura and her family have recently moved from Belgium to the English countryside. On Laura's blog, she documents all of the many things she sews for herself and her children. Another inspiring blog to add to the reading list!
Laura has made a pretty Shearwater Kaftan for the Pattern Parade, in some dreamy, spotty double gauze. It really suits her and is such a versatile item of clothing. Visit Behind The Hedgerow to read and see more about Laura's Kaftan!

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Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Welcome to Pattern Parade catwalk Janelle from The Janelle Wind Collection! Janelle is a fellow Aussie pattern designer with a big heart who loves all things vintage, thrifting, sewing and her beautiful family (not in that order!) Each Wednesday on her blog, Janelle shares a fashion post often featuring thrifted clothing and accessories. I'm excited today for this post to coincide with her appearance on the Pattern Parade!

Isn't she a stunner?! Janelle has such a gorgeous, unique style. I love her Poppy Tunic and entire outfit and could find myself quite comfortably wearing it every day. Make sure you visit The Janelle Wind Collection for more photos of this beautiful outfit.
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Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Today we have the beautiful Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home on the Pattern Parade catwalk. Christie is a devoted Mother to her four cute kids who loves to sew and craft. Her style is bright and fun and she sews heaps of clothes for herself and her children - make sure you browse through her blog for some inspiration!

In the Pattern Parade today Christie is wearing Coastal Breeze dress that is so pretty. I love the fresh, Summery colours and she shows how styling the dress with a blazer gives a more formal, dressed up look - this dress is so versatile, much more than a beach cover-up! So head over and visit A Lemon Squeezy Home for more
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Monday, 28 July 2014

.MIP Pattern Parade: ZAABERRY.

We're on the final week of the Pattern Parade - what an awesome showcase we have seen so far! Today we welcome Ruby from Zaaberry. I'm not sure how I first stumbled across Zaaberry, but I have bee lurking in the shadows as a reader for awhile now and love Ruby's clean, sophisticated style. She sews a lot for herself and her daughter and everything has that "wearable" look to it...detailed enough to be stylish, but classic enough to get lots of wear from, you know what I mean?
Ruby is sharing a Sun Kissed Hats she sewed for her daughter before a recent family trip. I love the pop of colour and awesome sun coverage. It's been awhile since I last made a Sun Kissed Hat, might have to pop that one on the list for Summer sewing prep! Make sure you pop into Zaaberry to see more!
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Sunday, 27 July 2014

.MIP Pattern Parade: NO BIG DILL.

It's a Mother-daughter duo in the Pattern Parade today - welcome Katy and Olive from No Big Dill!! If you read sewing blogs, then you know No Big Dill, right? Katy's blog is always worth reading, she shares charming sewing projects, delicious recipes, thoughtful messages about being a Mother to her 6 adorable children and her photos are always breathtaking.

Katy and Olive are walking the catwalk in their Shearwater Kaftans today! Olive Is wearing a Mini Shearwater Kaftan - a pattern I wrote for girl after the women's version proved to be so popular and the requests started coming in. Don't these girls look cute? All ready to hit the beach or pool! Visit No Big Dill for more and see how Katy varied the front placket to make it visible on the front - cool stuff!

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

.MIP Pattern Parade: THE DRAPERY.

Jane from The Drapery is the next lovely lady to join us on the Pattern Parade. Jane has a personal blog at Lempo Bee where she shares lots of sewing projects and a bit of her family life at home as the mother of three lively boys. She is also the co-owner of a beautiful fabric store based in Adelaide, The Drapery. If there is one fabric store in Australia that I would like to visit, The Drapery would be that store! It specialises in natural fibres like linen, hemp, wool and organic cotton as well as a range of selected designer fabrics too.d
I love how Jane has lengthened the Essential Shorts pattern to make herself a pair of linen pants. Something that I have talked about doing but never managed to try, don't they look awesome?! Visit The Drapery to see more, win a pattern, and read about Jane's experience with lengthening the pattern.
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Friday, 25 July 2014

.MIP Pattern Parade: SEW CHARLESTON.

The gorgeous Abbey from Sew Charleston is walking down the Pattern Parade runway today! Abbey is an avid sewer and her blog is bursting with an amazing showcase of beautiful projects.

To help her get through the sweltering Charleston Summer, Abbey has sewn a comfy Coastal Breeze dress. Love the pop of colour with the contrast print waistband! Coastal Breeze is proving to be pretty popular in the Pattern Parade...might have to make myself another one when it isn't so chilly here anymore! Make sure you visit Sew Charleston to see more and enter the giveaway for a free pattern.
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Thursday, 24 July 2014

.MIP Pattern Parade: MISS MATATABI.

Today's guest on the Pattern Parade needs no introduction on my blog, she is like an old friend and if you've been hanging out here for awhile then you will know who Miss Matatabi is! Frances (the girl behind Miss Matatabi) is an Aussie living in Japan and she runs an amazing fabric store, Miss Matatabi, specialising in modern Japanese fabrics. Because Frances actually lives in Japan, she manages to get her hands on rare and unique fabrics - many of which are suitable for sewing clothing - and she sells them for a great price too!

Frances' daughter, A is wearing a sweet Zip-It dress in the Parade today. Frances used a soft (double sided) cord from her shop for the dress and it is so pretty. I love how she used the one fabric for the whole dress, with no contrast. It really takes the dress to a different level. See more at Miss Matatabi!

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

.MIP Pattern Parade: IMAGINE GNATS.

Rachael from Imagine Gnats is joining us on the Pattern Parade catwalk today! Rachael is a busy blogger, fabric shop owner, pattern designer and Mum of two cute little girls but still she, like most of us sewing enthusiasts, manages to find time to sew lots of gorgeous things.

Today Rachael is showing off her new Waterfall Blouse. Isn't it just pretty? Visit Imagine Gnats to see more lovely photos of Rachael in her blouse.
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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

.MIP Pattern Parade: CUT CUT SEW.

Kicking off week 3 of the Pattern Parade is Miss Kelly from Cut Cut Sew. If you haven't visited Cut Cut Sew before, I suggest you go get yourself a drink and something to eat because when I first started reading Kelly's blog I was stuck there scrolling through pages and pages of inspirational sewing projects. She has tackled heaps and always shares informative reviews and photographs.

Kelly has gone maxi with her Coastal Breeze dress for the Pattern Parade - why have I never thought to maxi the Coastal Breeze dress before? Just beautiful, isn't it? See more at Cut Cut Sew.

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

.Taking Stock #1.

Making: dresses galore...for a couple of new patterns to be revealed very soon!

Cooking: a butterscotch self-saucing pudding for Sunday night dessert.

Drinking: Ecco. I don't know what made me want it all of a sudden, but I remember my parents and grandparents drinking it all the time and I'm hooked!

Reading: The Fault in Our Stars. I finished this book in 3 days (fast for me!). It was so good. Easy to read, super sad. I was sobbing on the couch at 1am one night trying to get it finished! I don't read much anymore, I love reading but don't make time for it like I used to so it was a nice break to stick my nose in a book for a bit.

a new camera lens. Has been on the "wish list" for a long time...still waiting...

foward to moving into our new house at the end of the year.

Playing: with my new overlocker. Seriously...the best sewing purchase I have ever made. Did I mention it threads itself and has automatic tension? It is AMAZING!!!

Deciding: on what knitting pattern to tackle next. I'm swaying towards a shawl.
Wishing: that I could spend less time at the computer and more time on things that I want to do.

Enjoying: Tangellos. One of favourite fruits.

Waiting: for the kids to go back to school so I can get back into routine and stop eating so many delicious and naughty treats!

Liking: that I washed the floors yesterday.

Wondering: what to sew next for myself out of my long list of selfish sewing projects. This pattern may win.

Loving: this photo with my Mum and sisters.

Pondering: my brain is too tired to ponder.

Considering: carpet and paint colours for the new house. Too hard to choose.

Watching: Thursday night Suits.

Hoping: that Harvey sleeps past 7am for the last morning of the school holidays tomorrow.

Marvelling: at the world we are blessed with.

Needing: to start exercising again.

Smelling: cold, crisp air outside - it's going to be a frost tonight.

Wearing: my boots. Pretty much every day. My Winter accessory.

Following: one of my favourite inspirations on Instagram: @confettis

Noticing: little fingerprints - everywhere! How does such a small person leave a trail wherever he goes?

Knowing: that children grow up too fast.

Thinking: I need to go on a fabric-buying fast. My stash is out of control.

Feeling: the sun. A Winter's day blessing when the sun comes out and the house gets hot without the heater and the kids can play outside.

Admiring: All of the lovely makes in my Make It Perfect Pattern Parade.

Sorting: through the giant pile of Lego on the sewing room floor. Oscar and I decided that it would be easier to find pieces if we sorted the Lego into colour groups...what was I thinking?! Like any project, once I'm committed I'm in for the long haul and find myself sorting little plastic blocks through out the day!

Buying: from online shops is addictive and dangerous! Especially when you live away from decent shops...particuarly bad after midnight when tiredness fogs your better judgement!

Getting: meal plans ready for the next two weeks.

Bookmarking: ideas for Lil's "make your own jewellery" themed 7th birthday party. Like these cute invitations we made with a free download from here.
Disliking: sad news on the TV.

Opening: cookbooks. I haven't used a real cookbook for a long time.

Giggling: at Tommy's funny little conversations today. Like how his bran is really in his elbow and his stomach is in his head.

Feeling: sad because I stopped breastfeeding Harvey when I wasn't ready. But he chipped his top tooth and it now has a really sharp edge that was so painful when he fed. Another chapter over.

Snacking: Saladas with butter. So good!

the lovely Summery photos showing up from the other side of the world on my Instagram feed.

Wishing: for a cleaning fairy to come and scrub my house.

Helping: 5 people at the same time. Mums (and wives) are tricky like that!

Hearing: talking, laughter, playing, fighting from 4 little ones who have been on school holidays for just long enough...I think we are all ready for back to school routine on Tuesday!

A glimpse of my happenings Inspired by Meet Me At Mikes "Taking Stock" prompts.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

.MIP Pattern Parade: HORRIS & DEEDLE.

Marnie from Horris & Deedle is with us on the Parade today. Marnie is a long-time friend of mine and one of my faithful pattern testers. She also sews like lightning - seriously, I'll send her a pattern to test and before I've even had a chance to make myself a hot Milo, she's finished it!! Marnie churns through the projects and gives really informative pattern reviews on her blog, she is the queen of modifications and always manages to alter patterns to suit her style body shape. the Shearwater Kaftan she has made for the Pattern Parade. After sewing a wearable muslin kaftan (which I really like) she made alterations to turn the kaftan into a dress to wear over swimmers on a recent family holiday to Fiji. I love her take on the kaftan and it reaffirms to me how awesome sewing for yourself can be - even more so if you are game enough to get adventurous with the pattern! Read more about Marnie's alterations on the Horris & Deedle blog and check out photos at the end of the cute Uptown Girl jacket she made for her daughter this Winter. Oh, and there's a free pattern up for grabs too - make sure you enter to win!
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Friday, 18 July 2014

.Pattern Parade: GIRL LIKE THE SEA.

Tara from Girl Like the Sea is with us on the Pattern Parade today. If you are looking for an honest (and often humorous) blog to read, then look no further than Tara. She shares pieces of her life and crafty makes in an amusing and entertaining fashion. 

Tara is just starting homeschooling Montessori-style with her littlies and thought that a Discovery Bag would make a great addition to their play resources. Read more on Girl Like The Sea - and yep, her children are perfect creations!
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Thursday, 17 July 2014

.MIP Pattern Parade: THINGS FOR BOYS.

I first properly met Abby from Things For Boys when I used one of her great tutorials to add fold-over cuffs to some of the baby clothes I made for Harvey. Abby is the Mum to two gorgeous boys and her blog has loads of boy-friendly stuff on it as well as lots of sewing for herself too.

Today in the Pattern Parade I am excited to share Abby's pretty Shearwater Kaftan she made ready for Summer. Abby is an Aussie girl too, and like me, dreaming about Summer in the depths of Winter. Love her shortened sleeves too, I've never seen anyone make a Kaftan with short sleeves and I think it looks great! See More at Things for Boys.
The Make It Perfect Pattern Parade Virtual Catwalk introduces...

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